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"Last Halloween in Austin, Shakespeare in the Dark: Macbeth took the stage at the historic and allegedly haunted Driskill Hotel. Adding to the spookiness—and giving special power to its sound designer, Emily Duncan Wilson—the show was performed in pitch blackness, with the audience seated in the middle of moving actors and four audio speakers."

6 Productions That Pushed the Sonic Envelope

Caroline Macon Fleischer

"A night of macabre and Macbeth with Shakespeare in the Dark!"

"Let’s be honest — Shakespeare can be boring. When companies don’t do the work to bring contemporary meaning to the text, or to help audiences interpret the often-arcane language, productions can end up full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  That’s why new production company Past Is Prologue Productions aims to 'ignite the world with fresh perspectives on Shakespeare’s work,' according to the company’s mission statement."

Macbeth, Staged Completely in the Dark, Opens Halloween

Andrew J. Friedenthal

Co-produced with The Filigree Theatre